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The Musketeers, Series 2

Episode 1

Episode 1 : Keep Your Friends Close

The Musketeers are sent to retrieve the Comte de Rochefort, the Cardinal?s man in Madrid who has escaped from a Spanish Prison and brings news that the chief author of France?s military strategy against Spain, General De Foix, has been captured. The Musketeers must join forces with Rochefort to rescue De Foix before this critical information falls into the wrong hands, but can Rochefort be trusted, and will the Musketeers succeed against the traps laid for them?

Episode 2

Episode 2 : An Ordinary Man

King Louis demands to experience the life of his carefree subjects, but his night of fun quickly comes to an end when he and d?Artagnan are mistaken for commoners and kidnapped by the notorious criminal Lemaitre to be sold to Spain as slaves. The Musketeers must find and rescue d?Artagnan and the King, but can they save Louis from mortal danger and will they return him to the Palace in time for the Dauphin?s christening? Meanwhile Rochefort uses the King?s absence to become closer to Queen Anne.

Episode 3

Episode 3 : The Good Traitor

When Spanish General Tariq Alaman offers to hand over the formula of a unique and deadly gunpowder in exchange for help rescuing his kidnapped daughter, the Musketeers find themselves tangled in a complex web of political trades with the Spanish. Their mission is further complicated when Porthos is captured by Spanish agents. Meanwhile, when the Dauphin becomes seriously ill Constance takes matters into her own hands and risks everything to save his life.

Episode 4

Episode 4 : Emilie

The Musketeers investigate Emilie of Duras, a woman claiming to have visions from God which instruct her to lead her thousands of followers into war with Spain. As word of Emilie?s visions trigger violent anti-Spanish riots, Aramis is sent to discredit her before she pushes France into an ill-timed war with Spain. Meanwhile Rochefort continues to clash with Spanish Ambassador Perales. He resorts to blackmail and murder to resolve the problem.

Episode 5

Episode 5 : The Return

When Athos is kidnapped and taken back to his estate of Pinon, the Musketeers go in search of him and find themselves in the middle of a battle against a nobleman, the Baron Renard, who is shocked by Athos? decision to reject his nobility and is determined to seize the land for himself. As the Musketeers train the people of Pinon in combat and defend them against multiple attacks, Athos is forced to confront his past when he encounters an old friend whose life was ruined by his actions years ago.

Episode 6

Episode 6 : Through a Glass Darkly

Renowned astronomer Marmion gathers the Royal household to his impressive observatory in a transformed old fort to watch a solar eclipse. The Musketeers and Rochefort escort them but could never have predicted the twist in fate that ensues and the impossible choices that must be made. Who is Marmion really and what is his game? The Musketeers are forced into the fight of their lives with dramatic consequences. Will they accept Milady?s help despite their mistrust of her? It might be their only chance to save the King, Queen and themselves.

Episode 7

Episode 7 : A Marriage of Inconvenience

The King?s cousin is ambushed whilst under Musketeer escort as she travels from Mantua to Sweden to make a political marriage that will be advantageous to France. The Musketeers must quickly discover who is targeting her to keep both her and the alliance between countries protected. However it emerges that other important figures at Court also appear to be in danger. Who is the killer and could he already be inside the Palace walls?

Episode 8

Episode 8 : The Prodigal Father

Porthos uncovers the truth about his parentage and demands answers from his new found father. As he learns more about his past Porthos questions his place in the Musketeers regiment. However the Musketeers have suspicions about Porthos? new family, wondering whether he should trust them. Can they save Porthos from the dangers that lie ahead and where do his true loyalties lie?

Episode 9

Episode 9 : The Accused

The Musketeers must put their lives on the line when the Queen is accused of treason. They have no choice but to steal her away from the Palace to safety, while they search for evidence to prove that Rochefort is a Spanish spy. However it soon transpires that nobody is safe from Rochefort?s grasp, not even the King, with devastating consequences.

Episode 10

Episode 10 : Trial and Punishment

The Musketeers must risk everything to save France from Rochefort?s treacherous plan. While Porthos seeks to lure the Spanish spy-master to Paris to prove Rochefort?s betrayal to the King, Athos and d?Artagnan must save Constance from certain death. However will they be able to protect Aramis and the Queen before Rochefort gets to them first? The fate of France and their closest comrades lies in the Musketeers? hands.

Episode 101

Episode 101 : Season 1 Recap

A look back at the action-packed first season of The Musketeers.